New name, same work

Impact South Asia is the new name of the India Adoption Plan. However, the work and the heart behind have not changed. As a team and board, we are privileged to carry on the work of our founder and friend, Bart Doornweerd.

Why a new name?

From India Adoption Plan:

India'India' in the name of our foundation caused many obstacles in Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In addition, the work has not been limited to India for a long time.
AdoptionWhen people hear the word 'adoption,' many think of adopting children. Adoption used to have positive associations 20 to 25 years ago. Nowadays, it also raises many critical questions and misunderstandings.

to Impact South Asia:

ImpactA powerful word that fits the gospel's power in word and action.
South AsiaThis is the part of the world where we work: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Ons team

  • Froukje de Lange

    daily leadership

  • Miesjel de Lange

    communications and education fund coordination

  • Karina Hulst

    donor contact

  • Marijke den Boer

    allocation processes

  • Paul Heiligenberg

    project monitoring

Ons bestuur

  • Marianne Doornweerd

    board member

  • Oscar Biesheuvel


  • Hans Bins


  • Kees Voogd


Bart Doornweerd

Since 1991

What started in 1991 with a few missionaries has grown into a ministry that supports 1,400 workers, 85 projects and 95 missionary children. Hundreds of sponsors have joined - a beautiful partnership in the gospel.

β€œThe India Adoption Plan (now Impact South Asia) was established to financially support missionaries working in and originating from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and to a lesser extent Pakistan and Sri Lanka. As the founder, I started in the 1990s when I was working in India. During that time I saw the need and also noticed the difficulty that local missionaries experience in finding sufficient financial support to (continue to) carry out their missionary work. It has always been my intention to help those missionaries in particular who are part of the international missionary organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM).
India Adoptie Plan

When I returned to the Netherlands and continued to be part of YWAM (known as Jeugd met een Opdracht in The Netherlands), the India Adoption Plan foundation was established for the above reason. There was a pragmatic reason for setting up a separate foundation. With regards to administration and organization it was easier to arrange financial flows in this way. In terms of beliefs, vision, norms and values, the IAP is fully equal to Youth with a Mission (YWAM). In that sense, the IAP should be fully regarded as part of YWAM, with its associated vision, norms and values.

India Adoptie Plan
The IAP office has relocated to Heidebeek in Heerde and is now situated at's Heerenhof (a YWAM location in Heerde, The Netherlands), further demonstrating the IAP's affiliation with YWAM. The Heidebeek base in Heerde has embraced the IAP, which allows IAP to use Heidebeek's infrastructure.

In the future, but also now already, the IAP will function very differently than it has always done in the past. The founder is no longer in charge of daily operations. This responsibility now lies primarily with Froukje de Lange, who is now also 'the face' of IAP.

Bart Doornweerd
April 2020